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Who Else Wants Easy Kimono Styling Tips?

- On the cool / casual potentiality of Kimono jackets

Dear Readers -

For those of you who have been unsure about how to adequately drape yourselves in vintage silk kimonos (cue, ‘gah, why are the sleeves are soo long?’ / ‘does this make me look like a silky brick?’ - um yes, you. You know who you are! ) we thought we would do a quick series where we’d ask some of our favorite people to photograph themselves wearing some of our favorite Kimonos in the hopes of providing some inspirational style fodder for those currently less stylistically inspired. Therefore, without further ado, allow us to introduce the first installment featuring the sweetest and most beautiful Penelope taking a couple of our vintage kimonos on a whirlwind tour from a leafy green Berlin backyard, to a presumably less leafy but assumedly no less interesting, Berlin backroom bar.