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City guide: Berlin in the Summer

If like us, you happen to be living in Berlin, the start of the warmer weather creates an almost obsessive need to catch as much sunshine as possible- With the memory of the unbelievably short winter days (yes, the sun literally goes down at 16h in the wintertime folks) still lingering like a bad dream, the suddenly lush green, warm city seems like a parallel universe or at least like some kind of psychedelic summer dream.

So the question is, when this parallel universe suddenly manifests and you find yourself immersed in it, where best to enjoy it? Yes, there are plenty of green parks dotted throughout the city you could hit up, or you could take a trip over to the Templehofer field and join the thousands of other people crowded on the edges of the former runways and getting sunburned on the shadeless lawn.

But what if neither of these, certainly scintillating options, appeals? May we suggest a trip out to the lakes? Ahh the lakes we hear you sigh, pictures of calm cool water and shady embarkments jumping to mind, yes of course.

But which lake is best? And where to go if you want to avoid the crowds of people who obviously had the same idea?

Tip Nr. 1 – try to get a day off mid week. This is the single most obvious way you can avoid the weekend crowds. If your a freelancer, take a Tuesday off and make up for it by working on a Saturday. Grab some food, a few friends and head out into the green. If you're working for somebody other then yourself, beg borrow or steal yourself a mid-week day off before doing the aforementioned. Yes, days spend swimming and sunning oneself are know to produce a pronounced increase in office place productivity, point.

Tip Nr. 2. Try Krumme Lanke. On mid week days there are plenty of private shady banks where you can claim your spot and spend the remainder of the day wading out into the cool calm water before drying off in the sun.. rinse and repeat.

Tip Nr. 3. if your lucky enough to have a car, take a trip out towards the Spreewald. We're not saying exactly where (idyllic lake discoveries are a toughly guarded secret and rightly so) but there are plenty of uncrowded, pretty remote and totally idyllic lakes to be discovered around here. Add a bit of DDR style village life sprinkled throughout and you have a veritable buffet of exciting day time actives ahead of you.

Tip Nr. 4. Once aforementioned remote and or idyllic lake has been discovered, place a pin on googlemaps. You have no idea how frustrating it is, to find the lake of ones dreams, only to forget the name, general location and/or routes leading there when heading out for a second visit.

 Where do you spend your Berlin summer days? Know of a great place we should check out? Leave us a comment below and we'll be sure to check it out.